Blank 18 Book

“Move out. Get a job. Go to college.”

This is perfect for a gag gift to anyone turning 18. The title of the book shows as “Exciting Things You Can Do, Now That You’re 18”. This novelty book looks legit at first glance, but as the victim looks closer, they’ll see that the entire book is made up of this repeating text: “Move out. Get a job. Go to college.”


Hilarious and fun book to leave out at any social gathering! Leave a copy out at school, work, or wherever you want a laugh. Makes a great white elephant gift or funny birthday gift! Makes a great prank too! Don’t forget to record their reactions!

Also, the back cover of the book reads:

“Throughout the years, your parents always told you to wait. The wait is over! Now that you’re a mature person with plenty of wants and needs, its time to live life! You’re not a child anymore and its about time that you were allowed to do things you weren’t before. To help you get started, this book focuses on the wonderful things you can do now that you’re really an adult!”

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